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SSH Gymnastics - Jump Hosts and Port Forwarding

August 04, 2020

SSH includes an awesome feature called ProxyJump that allows an SSH connection to used as a proxy for a subsequent SSH connection. In cases where you want every connection you make to a server to be routed via a jump host or many jump hosts, you can permanently configure behaviour for a server in ~/.ssh/config. Jump hosts are an incredibly powerful feature of SSH and are so easy to configure that you can often set it and forget it. You can combine this features with SSH port forwarding, X11 session forwarding, or SSH agent forwarding and navigate any number of restricted or complicated network setups.

Secure Private Networking with Wireguard

August 03, 2020

I've mostly skimmed the Wireguard articles and blog posts I've come across without ever actually taking it for a spin. However, I've recently deployed an entire stack of self-hosted services on Digital Ocean and at the same time have been building up the services I have running on my home server for serving media and handling home automation. For management and backup purposes I decided it would be beneficial for both of these hosts to share a private network so that they could connect to each other as if they were both on my home lan. In the past I would have created an IPSec tunnel between the hosts and given them a route to each other using that tunnel. But, not today! Wireguard!

Single Node Docker Swarms are Awesome

July 29, 2020

Applications are getting larger and harder to manage but we've also developed excellent tooling to manage the growth. Gone are the days of running web and database servers directly on your workstation only to find out after you've pushed your code to master and the production server is running a different version of PHP or a very different web server configuration. Docker and Compose have solved this problem for us.

Pretty URLs with AWS Cloudfront

July 28, 2020

I had never tried to use Cloudfront to host a proper website as I would nginx or apache. I quickly noticed that some of the features I've come to take for granted in modern web servers were missing. I was shocked to discover that despite Cloudfront's in depth set of options and customization, it was not possible to achieve the same behavior by simply tweaking some settings on the Cloudfront distribution.

Opening the Tap

July 27, 2020

My intention today is to become a better writer. I will become a better writer by authoring and publishing blog posts about the things that interest me. My patio will become my studio space and ideas shall flow from my neurons directly into this markdown file. Easy right?

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